Tinuta Masonica la Solstitiu de Iarna

Winter Solstice 6018 A:. L:.

The Winter Solstice, a long awaited astronomical moment and celebrated by Masonry, was celebrated with a dedicated ritual on 21.12.6018 A:.L:. . The Brasov Temple opened its doors to all Brothers, and the members of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study, together with representatives of other obediences in Romania participated in the last ritual of this year’s calendar which is marks the moment when the longest night arrives and the light of the day begins to grow again. Delegations from several organisations were represented, led by: Grand Chancellor Vali Cimpoescu of The Great Lodge of Romanians Everywhere of Masonic Studies and Research; Grand Master Dan Rabinca of the Romanian Grand Lodge of the Ancient Scottish Rite and Accepted; and Grand Master Dan Soviani of the Regular Grand Lodge of Dacia with.
Within the framework of the Festival, there were presented some architectural plans that outlined the significance of this celestial event, as well as wishes and thoughts for the coming holiday. The Agape Ritual took place in the form of a traditional artistic program ball, to the arrangement of which all the Lodges of M:.L:.S:.A:.R:. contributed. Any charity action can bring a smile to someone’s face, and the positive emotions of a man, family or institution increases, which is one reason we encourage such steps throughout the year, not just during the holiday seasons. As the family is one of the most important elements in a Mason’s life, the wives of our brothers have received symbolic gifts and a gratitude letter for their support and dedication.

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