Two Regular Lodges enter G:.L:.R:.A:.S:.

We took a break from our vacation to take part in a ceremony that brought us closer to our beloved Brothers from Râșnov Orient and Brasov Orient.  Since friday 19.07.6019 A: .L:. , R: .L:. Lumen de Lumen No.7 – having the function of W:​​.M :. on R:.Br:. Vali Cimpoesu, as well as R: .L:. Valahia No. 6 led by R: .Br :. Dan Iftinca,  open the works under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study. The Worshipful Masters, through a reconfirmation ritual and decree, together with the Officers, officially entered into the G:.L:.R:.A:.S:. family. At this moment, in Brasov County, 5 Regular Lodges are active within the Grand Lodge of  Royal Art Study. 

The received salary increases during the ceremony are proof that we take steps towards the progress we have assumed, starting with the individual one, by sanding the rough stone and continuing at the institution level by dedicating to a common cause and concretising the projects by engaging each wheel of the mechanism. Great things can only be accomplished together, working together and thinking as a whole. Therefore, with the joy in our souls as a result of all accomplishments, we look to a built an assumed future under the guidance of the G:.A:.O:.T:.U:. .

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