The purpose of Freemasonry

The purpose of Freemasonry is to create free and moral people. As a mason, your goal is to become from better to great, to form and strengten your personality, cultivate your morality and spirituality, to expand your horizon. Freemasons work whith rituals, symbols and myths. Through them, they learn to be rational, to develop their imagination, thinking, love toward their fellowmen, becoming more spiritual, to yearn for continuous improvement and to apply all thei have learned in society. Masonry cultivates the principle of responsibility and morality and encourages freemasons to follow and to apply the every day the  life lessons you learned during the rituals.
The duty of a mason is to regularly participate to the meetings of freemasons, except in exceptional cases which prevent them to be present (such as: the program of the place of employment, his state of health or the duties toward the family). Participation at the meetings is not a commitment drawn by the regulations. A real brother convened sees that as a great privilege and as an opportunity to learn new things, the chance to see againthe other brothers and for himself and to go further with the teachings and masonic traditions.
This work is hard, demands sacrifice and involves taking responsibility by every member of the Order. We can say that at the present time, our aim is not fully achieved, but by the grace of  the G:.A:.O:.U: we can create a better world based on the principles listed above.

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