The Last Supper Ritual 6017

In the presence of G:.A:.O:.U:. and guided by the spirit of  Knights of the Rose Cross, Knights of the Eagle and the Pelican, Brothers from all over the country and abroad gathered in a solemn atmosphere (frame) in fraternity to take part in the ceremony of  the “Last Supper”, organized by the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study and chaired by distinguished officers of the Respectabile Lodge “Lux Aeterna” no. 6015,  Brasov Or:. on the 13.04.6017 L: .Y :. .Our Temple was found to be almost overcrowded, but nevertheless, each brother lived the emotion of the ritual. Among the guests, we had the honor to receive the following delegates:

  • Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Scottish Tradition;
  • Representatives of the Sovereign Grand Logde Dacia;
  • Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Montenegro with his delegation;
  • The W:.M:. and the delegation of the Respectable Lodge Kos Karoly no. 13 of Sfantu Gheorghe Or:.;
  • The W:.M:. of the Respectable Lodge  „The three columns”, Vulcan Or:.– from the Grand Lodge Sapienta et Veritas;
  • The Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Romanians everywhere of Study and Masonic Reserch;
  • And last but not least the Grand Master and all W:.M:. under the juristiction of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study.

The ceremony had three parts. The first part the proceedings where opened inside the Temple; the second was held in “Temple of Nature” under the clear sky, as our ancestors used to practice the rituals; and the third part, the Ritualistical Agape, held in Sfantu Gheorghe where we shared the same bread and drank the same wine, as did Jesus Christ and the apostles now more than two thousand years ago.

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