The international Masonic conference in Athens

The beginning of this year saw MLSR’s involvement in several new international Masonic projects, for example, on 25th January 6019 A:.L:., in the capital of Greece, a conference was held based on various themes, including Masonic dogma and the prospects for the continuance of Masonry within wider society, desired and possible directions, and the current state of Masonry. This event brought together Grand Masters and representatives from Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania and Lebanon. They, in a common voice, discussed issues of interest to the unification and consolidation of the Order.
An important point on the agenda was the proposal to establish a confederation of the Grand Lodges, to begin with those in the Balkans, and then to expand. Any approach aimed at strengthening the Universal Masonic Chain is a step towards our ideals, so in order to continue with this proposal other meetings of this kind will follow.

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