The identity of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study

The royal art is defined by the Universal Freemasonry as: “Art which tranforms a profane – by the complex initiation process – a king, its own master, and also the supreme ruler of nature.

The royal art is by exccelance the art construction, both material and spiritual. Like the wisdom of King Solomon, Royal art teaches us to think correctly, how can we go from thoth to word, and from the word magical power to build a better world and a right world.

As the regards for our goals, things are as clear as can be. If we take into consideration the  definition above, in the first place we want to put emphasis on the spiritual, esoteric and ritualistica development, what can be done only through individual study and common intrests and through the experiences and practical exercises to support this study. In this respect we will give particular attention to the new members who wish to enter our ranks. The carelessness of some for the spiritual and their desire for material gains will not only do us harm but complicate`s and delay`s the progress, which means that along with us in this order, will be admissible only those persons who share our goals and ideals.

Secondly, we wish that our obedience should be more involved in the society, because ordinary people tend to make wrong choices and to choose always the easier path. Because of this you will need to support and develop the culture, the idea of good and the concept of beautiful. Society, but especially the young people need to understand that there is an alternative to antipathy, bad taste, ignorance and indifference. Through the organization of various cultural events we will solve all the problems mentioned above and on the other hand we will make the first step in removing the Masonry from the shadows. We believe that it is now time for the Romanian Masonry to be more involved in the society to be more visible and not longer be regarded by the ordinary people through superstitions, fears and stupid ideas misunderstood and unfounded. In order to have a benefic role in society, we are willing to collaborate with any Masonic organization, of any obedience, as long as it shares our purposes, because only in this way we can practice a universal freemasonry and the only way we can call the brethren together. The collaborations will be carried out in the form of visits, consultation or participation in various events. Of course these working visits and contacts will be carried out without prejudice to the autonomy of the regulation or obedience of either party. The main purpose is the creation of connections more powerful in the Masonic world and development in all plans for those who want such cooperation under the guidance and will of the G:.A:.O:.U:.

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