Fara carte nu ai parte

Masonry in support of orphans

How much can a smile influence our general mood? Especially when you can see it in the eyes of a child, which can bring a breadcrumb of happiness, a honest joy of life. This is what we all felt – a wave of positive energy, hope and joy, started from the wonderful children of several foster homes of Brasov county, had risen our vibrancy on Saturday 17-08-2019. We learned along with them, smiled and … we hope, succeeded in sending some trust in humanity but also in they’re own capabilities and especially education.

Even if in unfortunate circumstances, some people consider abandoning a child is necessary, we, regardless of reasons, believe that is everybody’s duty to help one another, to support the young and contribute to they’re professional education; all these because we are all animated by the desire of a better mankind, a prosper future – one that can be done, of course … just by involvement.

A small act from our side, was received with wide open arms. MLSAR Association has organized a charitable event offering the opportunity to a group of orphans, with ages 10 to 15 years old, to take part of several activities: games, speeches – that taught the children “without a book you cannot”, gastronomic workshop where they learned to make pizza on they’re own. Also in this event, we showed them how to first aid, a martial arts demonstration, with sensei Liviu Tabacaru – world champion and last but not least, we explained the importance of hygiene.

Not gifts of activities can help so much, these children coming into adulthood with a small disadvantage at the beginning from the rest of us. Do we leave them behind and keep going? Or we can hand them helping hand, going together on a road rich with trees of knowledge, wisdom and happiness. On this occasion, we proposed to plant the seed of desire of study, altruism and goodwill, on this future way, which we all take without exception.

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