International Convention of “The Centenary Of the Great Union”

The Grand lodge of the Royal Art Study hosted of the International Convention on the occasion of the ‘Grand Census of the Great Union 1918-2018’, a special event at an elegnat location in the center of the country. At Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni, many Brothers, and their families, from Romania and abroad, met in the spirit of fraternity.
The 100th anniversary of the Great Union reminds us of the importance of unity in any construction, and delegations from different corners of the world have shown that this principle is one of the most important in Mansonry. Recognition and friendship treaties among many entities present were concluded, among which were:
– The Grand Lodge of Peru (Gran Logia Patriotica Del Peru), represented by Grand Master Luis Leon Pizarro,
– The Grand Orient of Lebanon, represented by the Grand Master Dr Walid Abou Dehn,
– The Supreme Council Of Europe (Souverain Suprema Conseil Europeen Des Rites de Traditions), represented by the Grand Commander of the Sovereign, Jean-Pierre Henri Marty,
– The Grand Lodge Of Jerusalem of Malta, represented by the Grand Master Salvatore Cristaldi,
– The Grand Traditional Lodge of Serbia, represented by the Grand Master Dragoliub Zlatonovic.
Also present at the event were Brothers from:
– The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Grand Orient of Hungary, represented by V:.M:. of R:.L:. Martinovics Or:. Budapest, and Grand Master Peter Adrian Kun, together with his delegation,
– The Grand Lodge of Montenegro,
– The Grand Italian Orient Piazza Del Gesu, with Lieutenant General Inspector of the 33rd grade of R:.S:.A:.A:. Carmelo Stelitano and Grand Master Deputy Setimio Tancredi.
Other representatives of higher-level structures in Central America, Serbia, and elsewhere, also honored us with their presence:
– The Romanian Great Lodge of Transilvania, represented by the Grand Master Nicolae Coldea,
– Delegation of the Grand Lodge of Romanians Abroad,
– The Universal Masonic Order, represented by the Grand Master Hirza Radu Calin,
– The Grand Lodge Sapienta et Veritas, represented by the Grand Master Deputy Petre Popp.
The event was chaired by V: .M:. Jacob Vasile and M: .M :. Vranceanu Silviu Alin. After reading the Declaration of Principles and presentation of the vision of the Great Lodge, the Brothers on the Columns and in the Orient spoke the gathered brothers. During the event, M: .L: .S: .A: .R: was officially launched, which, at number 3, continues to deal with deep-seated topics. Later, Fr :. Horia Nestorescu-Balcesti, together with the writer Alexandru Rufanda, presented the new volume “The Memoirs of a Freemason: Horia Nestorescu-Balcesti”. The Great Lodge of Royal Art Study wishes to thank all the participants of this ceremony, through which it has again been demonstrated that Freemasonry is Universal, and fraternal spirit and high principles are the bonds that unite us regardless of the Masonic structure we are part of or the language we talk.

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