Ignition of the Lights at the East for Lodge Albert Pike nr. 50 Cluj

A new Workshop was officially opened at Cluj-Napoca on 15.12.6018 A:.L:. . The Respectful Lights of Ignition Ceremony for Albert Pike Lodge Nr 50 was held at the Ramada Hotel’s Ferdinand Hall and was an event deep symbolic experience and meaning, representing the first step in a prosperous Masonic activity that promises many fruitful developments. Il:. Fr:. Sabin Mircea Rus was enthroned on the throne of King Solomon, from where he will lead the Works of the Fresh Structure with all his wisdom and kindness. This event brought together several Romanian Masonic organisations, of which we mention the delegation of Great Lodge of Transylvania, led by M:.M:. Nicolae Coldea, the Grand Lodge of Carpathia, led by P:.M:.M:. Sorin Gadalean, representatives of the Grand Lodge Sapienta et Veritas, and Lodge Zalmoxis from the East Zalau, including the distinguished writers Calin Hirzea and Florin Horvath. At the same event, the Venerable Master Peter Adrian Kun, of R:.L:. Martinovics, from the Great East of Hungary signed a treaty of friendship and recognition with Albert Pike Lodge. After the ritual, the Brothers gathered together in order to snack and socialize at the traditional Agape.

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