The word is Freemason, Freemasonry represents the romanian form of the words free mason (English), franc maçon (French) or frei Maurer (German language) which means “free mason (Master Builder)” and constitutes an legacy of one of the roots of Freemasonry: the builder`s guild which were making churches, basilicas and cathedrals in the Middle Ages. The name as such – Mason, Masonry – appeard for the first time around year 600, on the site of the Church Canterbury , located under the leadership of the legendary monk Austin. Almost half a century later in the year 643 during the time of the lombarde domination in Italy, a legal edict evokes the “Masters Masons from Como”. The new name (Masonry) for the ancient initiate order made a brilliant international career…….

Statement of principles

Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study is an association established by law, as a legal private Romanian entity, nongovernmental, apolitical and non-patrimonial purpose; obey the Constitution and laws of the country and calls on all its members (under penalty of exclusion from the Order) to observe the laws of Romania and fulfill their civic duty to our country.


The identity of M:.L:. S:.A:.R:.

The royal art is defined by the Universal Freemasonry as: “Art which tranforms a profane – by the complex initiation process – a king, its own master, and also the supreme ruler of nature."


Becoming a mason?

The admission applications into the Order are not accepted unless the applicants are men of good morals, they believe in the Supreme Being (Grand Architect of the Universe), they have attained the age of 21 years and they are not members of an irregular Masonic Obedience or unrecognized by Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study.


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