Poza de grup Conferinta Marilor Maestrii Rapid City

Conference of Grand Masters 2019 – Rapid City US

Poza de grup Conferinta Marilor Maestri

The Grand Canceler of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study, our Respectful Brother Dragos Ionut Onescu represented us at the masonic Conference of Grand Masters in Rapid City USA, from the 16th to the 21st of February 6019 A:.L:.. This event was overseen by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota and it brought together more than 800 brothers, Grand Masters and Grand Secretaries of Regular Obediences from USA. Canada Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe and Africa.
Participation at this event shows again that MLSAR is moving among the Grand Regular Lodges, and our Grand Canceler has taken the opportunity of this meeting to continue, and in some cases initiate, Masonic and profane collaborations with those present. Furthermore, most of the participants received invitations to the International Convent of MLSAR from 1-3 November 6019 A:.L: – Cluj Napoca.


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