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Autumnal Equinox Celebration 6019 A:.L:.

No fireworks or countdown, yet a burst of feelings and a daily order so thrilling, we officially started the new Masonic year. Saturday 21st September 2019, took place the event that started a new schedule of work for the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study. The ceremonial ritual of the autumn equinox celebration, a...

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Masonry in support of orphans

How much can a smile influence our general mood? Especially when you can see it in the eyes of a child, which can bring a breadcrumb of happiness, a honest joy of life. This is what we all felt – a wave of positive energy, hope and joy, started from the wonderful children of...

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Summer solstice 2019

After a successful journey and outstanding progress through the last  year,  the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Studies finally ended the Masonic year 2018-2019 with a wonderful ceremony. A highly emotive experience touched all the Brothers who participated in the ceremony, which took place on Saturday, June 22, at Arcuş Castle in Covasna County....

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The international Masonic conference in Athens

The beginning of this year saw MLSR’s involvement in several new international Masonic projects, for example, on 25th January 6019 A:.L:., in the capital of Greece, a conference was held based on various themes, including Masonic dogma and the prospects for the continuance of Masonry within wider society, desired and possible directions, and the...

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Winter Solstice 6018 A:. L:.

The Winter Solstice, a long awaited astronomical moment and celebrated by Masonry, was celebrated with a dedicated ritual on 21.12.6018 A:.L:. . The Brasov Temple opened its doors to all Brothers, and the members of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study, together with representatives of other obediences in Romania participated in the last...

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