Treaty of Fellowship and Friendship

MLSARTreaty of Fellowship and Friendship

502b738692b22c540547c03ebd8ea663The date of the 28.05.6016 L:.Y:. It has been a day of celebration for our obedience. In the framework of a solemn ceremonie in the Middle Chamber as a result of the existing brotherly relations, R:.L:. Lux Aeterna No 6015 (Or:. Brasov) and R:.L:. Kos Karoly no. 13 (Or:. Sfantu Gheorghe), have teamed up to memorialise this union. The two lodges, represented by V:.M:. Vranceanu Silviu Alin and Ordog  Lajos, have decided to expand the brotherly relations by a closer collaboration under the slogan “freedom, equality, fraternity”; to mutual support, both in the country and abroad, to have common framework and exchanges of experiences.

Was signed the Treaty of Fellowship and Friendship, the two lodge becoming twin lodges, under the guidance of the G:.A:.O:.U:., in search for truth and love.d86016170c4d0b438af57e32d96cc5cb