The ceremony of the Good Thursday

MLSARNewsThe ceremony of the Good Thursday

The ceremony of the Good Thursday

After the old masonic traditions on 28.04.6016 L:.Y:., the Grand Lodge of study in the royal art, together with the Grand Lodge of the Romanian diaspora have united the brothers from the two obedience and not only in the same Temple to work for the will of the G:.A:.O:.U:.

In the solemn framework, were invited the brothers from more obedient from the country. Among the present brothers are the illustrious Brethren: Adrian Mac Liman – The President of the center of the pan-European Studies and Research Masonic in Bucharest and president of the Iberian Center for Studies and Research from Madrid; the Grand Master of M:.L:. S:.A:.R:. – Sorin Cojan, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Romanian Diaspora – Ionel Milea; Sovereign Grand Commander of the Grand Lodge of the Romanian Diaspora – Vlad Vasile, the great Speaker of the Grand Lodge The Idle United Europe – Dan Stroescu; and P:.I:.F:. Cristian Tache (V:.M:. of R:.L:. The Brotherhood – Or:. Braila county), and Lajos Ordog (V:.M:. of R:.L:. Kos Karoly – Or:. Sfantu Gheorghe).

This outfit inspired from the rituals of the “knight of Rosacruce” continued with the ritualistic agape, where all the Brethren, regardless of obedience had the opportunity to live this moment together.

It is a positive signal to our goal to unify the Romanian Masonry and to unite the relations between the members belonging to different structures, but united by the same principles and ideals. Given the fact that we have gathered in such a large number is the best example of practice of universal Freemasonry on the Romanian territory.

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