The Convent of Italian Grand Orient Piazza del Gesú (6017)

MLSARNewsThe Convent of Italian Grand Orient Piazza del Gesú (6017)

The Convent of Italian Grand Orient Piazza del Gesú (6017)


The day of March 25th 6017 L:.Y :. brothers gathered in Rome from many parts of Europe, but also brothers from overseas gathered to be with representatives of the Italian Grand Orient Piazza del Gesu in order to celebrate together the important event for the Mainland Freemasonry, namely the Annual Ordinary Convent.The proceedings were conducted under the leadership of  the Il :.  Grand Master Brother Nicola Tucci, who made public the agenda for all participants.

            The delegation of the Grand  Lodge of the Royal Art Study, was made up of the following:

  • Il:. Brother Cojan Sorin Călin – Grand Master
  • Il:. Brother Vrânceanu Silviu Alin – Deputy Grand Master,
  • Il:. Brother Bălăceanu George Ionuţ – Grand Secretary,
  • Il:. Brother Beldie Şerban Mihai – Grand Inspector of the Order,
  • Il:. Brother Domenico Sergi – Ambassador and Foreign Affairs Minister for the Grand Lodge of the Royal Art Study
  • Il:. Brother Vitta Sebastian – Federal Councilor;

            The Delegation was received in the most fraternal spirit and it was granted by our guests a special attention, proving once again that between Romania and Italy there are strong fraternal relations and common vision that defines all of us.

            On this occasion, I could relive the experience of our Convent held in  November through meeting the Il Brothers Jose Trinidad Alcocer Bravo – Sovereign Grand Commander and Past Grand Master of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the State of Quintana Roo and Roberto Romero Novelo – Great Captain of the Guards, who is the representative of the Sovereign Supreme Council of Central American, them beeing the delegates from Mexico.

            Also attending were delegations from Universal Grand Lodge of Portugal and a delegation from Montenegro also other guests from Italy.

            The event, was followed by a fraternal agape, at  which was fixed, among other things  the next event that will be held on June in Brasov.

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