The Last Supper Ritual 6017

In the presence of G:.A:.O:.U:. and guided by the spirit of  Knights of the Rose Cross, Knights of the Eagle and the Pelican, Brothers from all over the country and abroad gathered in a solemn atmosphere (frame) in fraternity to take part in the ceremony...

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Anniversary Ceremony – Montenegro

18-20 March, 6017 Y:.L:. was a period marked by a festive event for our Brothers from the Independent Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Montenegro, when they had been celebrating two years of masonic activity.  Representatives of the Grand Lodge of Royal Art Study, in the...

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Starting from the basic ideea that an freeamason has the duty to continuously autoimprove himself by always studying, we decided to start a new unic study in Romania. So, with the support of our ilustrius brother, Adrian Mac Liman – the president of the Paneuropean...

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